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Hushmat vs Dynamat

When installing sound deadening material in "hard to reach" areas of an oil consuming automobile, its ability to  ADHERE is important! Hearing material "flopping" around your car door or "dis-engaging" itself from the roof of the car is  NOT good!

HushMat is Different than other Sound Deadening Products!!!
Effectively Treats Low Frequency Noise From 0-1,000hz!
Insulates Temps from -30 degrees up to 500+ degrees!
Slightly Less than 1/8" thick and .47pnds per square foot!
Requires no Surface cleaning/preparation and NO Heat guns to install!
No alcohol or acetone wash needed!!!
Trims with standard razor knife or scissors!
Self Adhesive peel and stick that is  GUARANTEED TO  STICK TO  ANY Surface!
Installs Quicker
Meets or exceeds damping specs  GMO149M and  WSB-M5G58-A1, and MS-CD629, from  GM, Ford, and Chrysler!

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